Geothermal Drilling and
McPike Water Wells

Drilling, Service and Maintenance

Geothermal Drilling/McPike Water Wells was built on an honest and forthright belief that “doing the job right to start with might take a little longer, but prevents return visits”.  In other words, a customer knows that when we do a job it gets done right!

     William McPike is the Owner/President of Geothermal Drilling, Inc. which started in 1991 with one rig and 
  three employees under the direction of Roger & Ruth Bond. Five years later, William bought the company, 
  and under his guidance, we now have three rigs and 28 employees. He has been in the geothermal industry for
  a total of 23 years and holds licenses in the States of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.
  We are members of the National Ground Water Association, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
  as well as the Ground Water Associations in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. 
  We have training and certifications through Climate Master, Trane, & Water Furnace in well-field installation, 
  design, and start-up of geothermal systems. 
     In 1989, due to high demand, he added water well drilling to the business. McPike Water Wells quickly became
  an important part of the company and necessitated an additional rig as well as 2 more licensed drillers. 
  As an expert in both geothermal and water wells, he is often called on to talk to businesses, companies, and 
  at conventions. In 2019, William became president of the Texas Groundwater Association and still continues to
  serve on Texas and National Groundwater Association committees. He has talked to congressional committees 
  and congressmen in Washington D.C. and Austin.